On the workbench: Rehabbing a 1930s single-ended 2A5 Auburn tube amplifier

I’ve been doing a lot of building and rehabbing and not a lot of posting. Well, I’m gonna rectify (haha) that. On the bench is an OLD Auburn Amplifier. I think this was a kit originally made by Wholesale Radio Service Co., maybe in the mid- to late-1930s. I date it to that period because of… Read More »

On the workbench: How to build a ‘third hand’ for soldering and small parts assembly, w/video

Sometimes when you’re soldering or putting small parts together, you need a third hand to hold the work steady so you can heat, paint, or glue it. You can build a third hand for almost nothing out of some common parts you probably have around the house: a couple of clothespins, a piece of wood,… Read More »

Sound test: all-octal Mutt Amps 0007 Tremo Special 15 push-pull 6V6 tube amp w/video

OK folks, this one was the Devil to put together. I went through two designs before I finally came up with one that really fit the chassis. I think I’ve said on here that tube amps have souls. Not all of them are good. But sometimes the evil ones have a sound you’re looking for.… Read More »

Talking about tubes: Converting old tube radios to guitar amps: bargain or big hassle?

Now and again I find myself perusing Craigslist and Ebay, looking for old tube gear to make guitar amplifiers out of. I’ve written about the kinds of things I don’t want to fool with before, and recently I was tempted to go against my own “rules,” so to speak. I ran across a 1940s Olympic… Read More »

On the workbench/Sound test: Mutt Amps 0006 KL Tremo Custom 5-watt tube amp. Done! w/video

Every once in a while you run into a project that takes longer than expected. This was one of those jobs, and it took wayyy longer. But, the end result is a cool amp with what I think it great sound, plus a lot of lessons learned. 0006 KL SE Tremo Special I had to… Read More »